Work VS-KF on drift team A~Bo~Moon HCR32 Skylines

About and Lineup

WORK Co, Ltd is a high-end Japanese wheel manufacturer for both motorsport and street use, mostly notable for manufacturing the "WORK Equip" and "WORK Meister" range of wheels.
WORK Wheels released their first range of wheels in 1977 under the name "WORK Equip", which continue to be manufactured today under popular demand. Commonly regarded as the leading manufacturer of Single, Two and Three piece forged wheels for automotive use. Work Wheels manufactures goods on a made to order basis, which means that customers have direct control of wheel specifications. In addition to this, Work Wheels manufactures wheels for corporate companies, among which include Dunlop Falken, TOYO Tyres, Toyota Modellista International, Bridgestone, and Ralliart INC.
Work is also a member of the Japanese Light Alloy Wheel Association. (JAWA)