My Favorite Pet

My favorite pet is my German Shepherd Dog named Pepper.

I got her in the fourth grade in Memphis, Tennessee. Jut the fact that this dog has made it with my family and I across the country is a big statement towards how close I am to it. It has been with me through a lot and I am so lucky to have been able to see her grow older from a puppy. My favorite things think about when it comes to our relationship together is the amount that she has grown. I remember when she was just a small puppy who could be carried. You can also see how she is the exact same dog as before. Her mannerisms are the exact same from what I remember, from the way she walks to the way she sleeps.

My other dogs name is Maggie. She is a Labrador Mix.

My dog Maggie is my oldest pet. She has been with me longer than Pepper has. She is the nicest dog that I have ever met. Her docileness borders on just being timid. She also came with my family and I when we moved to California. recently I have noticed that she is becoming less and less active, which is no doubtedly due to her age. However, I still look at her like she is the same dog, because I know she still wants to act the same. She is actually a Labrador Mix, noticable only because of slight patches of white around her feet. She is also just a little smaller than a purebreed labrador would be as well.