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The style of classic Japanese drift cars is resurging today. Through the republication of vintage media across modern platforms, older cars are being styled more authentically in the face of western influence. One example of this is Mitsuru Haraguchi's RX7, many of the cars seen in U.S events are now in the same style. More priority for body kits and how a car is presented in drifting is put over the other factors. Of course functionality is still important, but it with what drifting demands, style can come alongside performance upgrades. How a car handles goes hand in hand with suspension, though suspension mods to get some of the crazy results achieved with popular 1990s styling may go beyond the range of functionality. An example of this is new trends, more camber, and extreme low height. More Japanese influences include Yoshinori Koguchi's S13 used in D1GP, Tezuka Tsuyoshi's JZX81 used in championships, Ueno Takahiro's Soarer, Ueo Katsuhiro's AE86 and Itai's 180sx. THere are many more unsung heros who's style and character of car styling transcends what is available today.The influence of these cars shows in the styling of cars in U.S drift events.

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